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Today, Alexis Kuperfis, IBM program director and an enthusiast of mixology, the art of making cocktails, tells us how to make a Red Lion. It is a beverage made of Grand Marnier and Gin, and it is served in Martini glasses. Always drink it with moderation.

The equipment and ingredients to have on hand

For that cocktail, you will need a Martini glass. It will be made in a shaker and will be composed of orange juice, lemon juice, Gin and Grand Marnier liquor, which is a bitter orange peel liqueur from Cognac. The use of a dispenser and a strainer is also recommended.

The recipe and how to proceed

In order to start any good cocktail, you will need to refresh your glass either thanks to ice cubes or thanks to crushed ice. It allows you to serve a fresh and thirst-quenching drink.

To continue, take your shaker and with the help of a dispenser, put 2 cl of orange juice in your glass. Then, still with the dispenser, add 1,5 cl fresh lemon juice. Pour into the glass. Finally, for alcohol, put 2.5 cl of Gin and 2.5 cl of Grand Marnier liqueur.

To continue creating your cocktail, fill your shaker with ice cubes. Feel free to put enough ice on and close your shaker. Turn it over and do not hesitate to put a quickie on top of the shaker to make sure it is tightly closed. Now, shake it vigorously.

To easily open the shaker, Alexis Kuperfis gives you a little tip: do not hold it too high, on the contrary, put your hand in the middle of the shaker and slap a little punch on the side, which will allow you to open it without problem and without breaking your glass.

You can thus pick up your Martini glass, and strain your cocktail in your refreshed Martini glass. Before pouring everything, do not hesitate to stir the rest of the cocktails in the shaker, in order to recover all the sugars and flavours still contained inside and finish pouring your cocktail.

All you have to do then is to taste your perfect Red Lion.