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Job of passion, the mixologist is an expert in cocktails composition. He raises the know-how of making cocktails (with alcohol or not) as an art. This job is a passion not very known but that gathers a lot of fans worldwide. Consequently, a lot of people would like to choose this career path, but a lot of them ignore how to do. Alexis Kuperfis, passionate about mixology, tells you more.

Before embarking on this career choice, it is obvious that it is necessary to be passionate and have a strong knowledge of beverages.  It is also necessary to know the art of mixing flavours, but also the multitude of shaker techniques for example to serve drinks tastefully and visually qualitative. If he is looking for originality and ingenuity, the mixologist must also know how to make the classic mixology cocktails to perfection.

The skills required and the qualities needed to become a mixologist

The mixologist need to acquire several skills and develop several qualities for becoming an expert of his art.

He need to have a perfect knowledge of the equipment (shaker, glasses, mix spoons, etc.), drinks and preparations. He also needs to know and to perfectly master the classical cocktail recipes, such as martini, old fashioned, etc. However, he does not have to rely on his achievements and he has to create new cocktails.

In terms of quality, the professional must be creative, have an increased knowledge about cocktails and blends of all kinds and also have a sense of quality, a sense of work well done a proven ability. Finally, since he works with many people, he must be attentive to the needs of his clients, while having a positive and voluntary attitude.


There are many mixology training courses, often they are linked with bartending schools. The training courses are chargeable and kind of short. However, the skills are learned on the field, but most of the mixologists are bartenders.


The wage of a barman varies in function of his work location. It can range from minimum wage until € 3 000 per month. By the way, it is also possible to become a self-employed entrepreneur and open his own bar.

Where does he work?

He can work in his own bar but also in hotels, bars, night clubs or even holiday clubs.