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Ah the vacations… Farniente, barbecues, aperitifs (in moderation of course!)… You miss all that? Relax in the atmosphere with a delicious and refreshing Aperol Spritz, a cocktail that comes straight from Italy. Cocktail expert Alexis Kuperfis tells us in detail how to prepare this unique drink.

Where does Aperol Spritz come from?

The Spritz Veneziano comes from the region of Venice during the period of Austrian domination. Soldiers used to relax with a drink prepared by them with soda water and white wine. As time went by, the recipe evolved into the Aperol Spritz we know today, a mixture of Aperol and white wine sparkling like Prosecco. There are also many variations.

How to prepare a real Aperol Spritz?

If you want to make a real Aperol Spritz, first of all you need a large wine glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes three quarters of the way through, then pour in 3 cl of Prosecco wine and 2 cl of Aperol. Then complete the mixture with Schweppes Tonic Original or Saltz water.
You mix the whole delicately with a mixing spoon in order to bring the Aperol to the surface. Place a slice of fresh orange in your glass, and enjoy!

Variations of the Aperol Spritz

To vary the pleasures, you can replace Aperol by Campari, much more bitter. It is also possible to use Limoncello or Martini Bitter instead of Aperol, champagne or crémant instead of Prosecco, a slice of lemon instead of orange. It all depends on your taste, but don’t lose sight of the authenticity of this refreshing cocktail!