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Also known as Boston Sour, Sour Whisky is certainly one of the most popular Sour cocktails, like Pisco Sour or Amaretto Sour. As Alexis Kuperfis, a mixology enthusiast, tells us, its popularity spans time periods and continents and it has been cited in several films, including “Seven Years of Reflection”, played by 1950s star Marilyn Monroe. Literature and music have also played a big role in the fame of Whisky Sour.

For its origins, Whisky Sour was first mentioned in 1870 on the pages of an American newspaper in Wisconsin. However, many specialists in the history of cocktails put forward the idea that it was rather created before 1766.

The preparation of Whiskey Sour 

It’s a cocktail made in a martini glass with a shaker. To make it, you use American Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch instead if you prefer. In fact, according to our passionate mixologist Alexis Kuperfis, you can make it with any type of Whisky. You also take cane sugar syrup. Using cane sugar syrup instead of powdered sugar allows you to have a more homogeneous mix because the liquid will melt more easily with ice cubes and fresh lemon juice.

To begin, as with any cocktail made with a shaker, start by refreshing your glass with either ice cubes or crushed ice, then take your shaker and pour 5 centilitres of American Whisky. Continue with two and a half centilitres of squeezed lemon juice and finish with two and a half centilitres of cane sugar syrup. 

And to finish, here is a little trick to give you more homogeneity and consistency with a small foam on top that will give a very pleasant taste and visual aspect. Beforehand, prepare a very small amount of egg white and add just a few drops. You will see that this slightly increases the volume of your cocktail and therefore you get much more consistency.

To continue, fill your shaker with ice and close it. Then turn it over by lightly tapping the glass part to make it completely airtight. You will notice a beautiful light foam on the glass part of your shaker. 

You can then retrieve your martini glass that you have previously refreshed with the crushed ice. If it is cooled enough, you will see on the glass that a beautiful frost has been deposited on the top. This is how Alexis Kuperfis makes his special foam on Whisky Sour. 

Then, empty the ice with a strainer and strain your cocktail into your martini glass. Do not hesitate to stir the rest of your cocktail inside your shaker to recover all the sugars and aromas contained inside. 

The end result is a very nice thin film of foam inside your cocktail. Your magnificent Whiskey Sour is now ready and you can enjoy it.