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Today, Alexis Kuperfis teaches us how to make a Cucumber Cooler, a cocktail made of cucumber

In order to make this cocktail, you will need a specific shaker (a shaker in two parts, one made of glass and the other made of stainless steel), a knife to cut the cucumber, a pestle in order to extract the cucumber juice, a colander and tumbler glass.

The ingredients of a Cucumber Cooler

As its name suggest, you will need a fresh cucumber to make this cocktail, some orange liqueur, a cloudy apple juice, because it will bring a certain smoothness to the drink and a lemonade.

The recipe

First, to start your cocktail, cut a slice of cucumber in small cubes in order to facilitate crushing. Pour the pieces into the glass part of your shaker and start to crush in order to extract the juice. The objective is not to obtain a mashed cucumber but simply to extract the juice. Add 3cl of orange liqueur in your shaker and 4cl of cloudy apple juice.

Then put between five or six ice cubes in your shaker and start shaking to refresh your cocktail. Once condensation appears on the stainless steel part of the shaker, your cocktail is ready to be enjoyed.

Place the strainer on the stainless steel part of your shaker before pouring your cocktail into your tumbler glass to filter the ice cubes and cucumber pieces. Feel free to take a sieve to do a double filtration.

Finally, put a few ice cubes in your glass and add lemonade to your cocktail. Enjoy your drink!