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Alexis Kuperfis, keen of mixology, now explains us how to make a Caipirinha, a cocktail originally from Brazil.

The ingredients

To make a Caipirinha, you will need:

–       One lime
–       Cane sugar
–       Cachaça, which is a Brazilian liquor, close to rum

You can make this cocktail in an old fashioned glass. You will also need a pestle, a measure and a bar spoon which permits to homogenize the cocktail at the end of the preparation.

The cocktail preparation

Small hint from Alexis Kuperfis : before cutting the lime, flatten it with the palm of your hand by rolling it on the work surface in order to break the fibres, which facilitates the juice 


Then, cut the lime into cubes by removing the ends and add all the cubes to the glass. Add the cane sugar with approximately two teaspoons. You can now start to use the pestle and crush the mixture. To do so, you can turn the glass in order to fully extract the juice from the lime. Once the lime juice obtained, put some ice cubes in the glass. Then, pour 4 cl of cachaça. Finally, with the help of a spoon, mix your Caipirinha.

In order to enjoy to enjoy your drink, you can cut a straw in half, one part smaller than the other. If you want to drink more alcohol, use the small piece which will be more on surface. And if you want to drink less alcohol, use the larger part to drink at the bottom of the glass, which is more water laden.

In many bars, Caipirinha and the other cocktails are served with crushed ice. But always use big ice cubes because they melt much slower than crushed ice. Thus, the cocktail will dilute less.

Since 1992, this cocktail has been registered in the official list of cocktails of the International Association of Barmen. Since thence, the recipe is ruled by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture.