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Today, Alexis Kuperfis tells us how to make an Apple Martini, a cocktail based on apple and vodka, created in 1996 in the Lola’s restaurant, in Hollywood.

Ingredients and equipment

This cocktail is served in a martini glass. But you will also need a two pieces shaker and a grater.

Concerning the ingredients, you will need vodka, vanilla syrup (homemade if possible), applesauce, apple juice and cinnamon.

The preparation of the cocktail

To start, refresh your glass thanks to crushed ice or ice cubes and put it aside.

Then, take your shaker and pour 5 cl of vodka, then 3,5 cl of apple juice, 2,5 cl of vanilla syrup and two teaspoons of applesauce mixture into the glass part.

Fill your shaker with ice and turn it over before taping it slightly over the glass part to close it. Finally, shake with energy to dilute the applesauce well. Feel free to make circular movements to further emulsify the cocktail and keep the creamy side of the compote.

Then open your shaker and grab your martini glass. As you may see it, a slight frost has appeared on the upper part of the glass, that means that it is sufficiently fresh.

Then take your strainer and pass your cocktail through the martini glass. Before pouring the entire mixture, do not hesitate to stir in order to get all the flavours.

Finally, bring the grater and a piece of cinnamon. Place a few chips over the top of your cocktail in order to add a few extra flavours.

Your cocktail is ready, enjoy it!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.